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Avoiding Stress
rosner-book1For the most part, this book will show you a way to avoid having too much stress in your life. It does not promise to make life stress free. Instead, it gives you a method of living by certain formulas and concepts designed to help you cope with the trials and tribulations of everyday life. It is meant to help with the common dilemmas found in a society that is not beset with life and death decisions at every turn. Using the ideas, methods, formulas and concepts suggested in this book makes it possible to live life in a reasonably relaxed manner.

You can purchase the book for $11.95 through Amazon and Trafford Publishing.

ISBN: 1412009685
Paperback: 68 pages
Published: August 31, 2004
Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Myths of Child Rearing

rosner-book-2 Summary:
All of us want our children to grow up to be healthy, secure, friendly and successful. Unfortunately, many parents are guided by child-rearing myths that often create problems rather than solutions.

In Myths of Child Rearing, Dr. Rosner explodes the most common and most dangerous of such misconceptions and strips away these fallacies to help solve child-rearing problems.

Some of these myths are as old as the Bible, while others are modern; some are misconceptions of valid child-care concepts, while others are utterly false. What they all have in common is the damage they can do to our children. One by one, Dr. Rosner examines these myths and provides healthy, practical alternatives for parents at each stage of their child’s development.

Chapter excerpts can be viewed here.


Myths of Child Rearing is available at the Los Angeles Public Library in the Social Science/Philosophy Department, call number 372.1 R822.

You may also purchase the book directly from Dr. Rosner. If you are interested, please send an email to .

Professional Endorsements:

“Dr. Rosner has done any parent a tremendous service by weeding fact from fancy. Parents can use this book to overcome the wealth of misinformation that is thrust upon them from every side.” — William Glasser, MD, Institute for Reality Therapy.

“A book that should have wide appeal to parents and will help parents with child rearing.” — Docia Zavitkovsky, M.S., Child Development Specialist, and Rosalie M. Blau, M.A., Early Childhood and Family Life Education Specialist.

“Just the kind of material … for adult education, for counselors, for workers in the field.” — Rudolf Ekstein, Ph.D., Clinical Professor, UCLA; Guest Professor, University of Vienna; Senior analyst, Los Angeles and Southern California Psychoanalytic Institutes.

“Joyce Brothers often used answers from my book in her nationally syndicated column.” — The author, Dr. Joseph Rosner, Ph.D.

Dr. Joseph Rosner is the author of Avoiding Stress and Myths of Child Rearing.

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