About Dr. Joseph Rosner

joe-close_smallDr. Joseph Rosner received his Ph.D. from NYU and did a post-doctoral study under Bruno Klopfer at UCLA. He also studied hypnosis with the eminent hypnotist and psychiatrist, Dr. Milton Erickson.

Dr. Rosner has been a hypnotist and a licensed marriage and family therapist for 35 years. He has a private practice in Los Angeles where he sees children, adolescents, adults and seniors. He does individual, couple, family and group therapy.

He has authored Myths of Child Rearing that exposes the many misconceptions related to child rearing from birth to age twelve and Avoiding Stress, which gives you the key to handle life in a more relaxed manner.

Los Angeles Times wrote an article called “Area Therapist Strives to Hypnotize Away Problems” on May 15, 1998, about Dr. Rosner’s success with hypnosis.

Professional Organizations

Dr. Rosner belongs to the following organizations:

Los Angeles County Psychological Association
California State Psychological Association
Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Psychology license #PSY2430

Los Angeles psychotherapist Dr. Joseph Rosner has a long track record of helping individuals through counselling, therapy and hypnosis.

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